Global Economic Leaders Summit

-- Leaders from Industry & Business, Political Figures,

Ministers, MPs, Governors,Mayors and Scholars.


Global Economic Leaders Summit (GELS) is an international cooperation summit which aims to integrate international economic resources and strengthen international economic cooperation. Most of the participants of GELS are global industry & business leaders, and the summit also attracts influential figures in the fields of politics, economics and science.


GELS is initiated by Asia-Pacific CEO Association (APCEO),the well-known international organization, and co-hosted  by relevant governments. GELS is the first international economic cooperation summit with industry & business leaders as its main participants and be held in Asia at regular intervals. In the summit, VIP Participants will be awarded certifications that symbolize the identity of global economic leaders by the head of state.


Links of GELS Summits:

1st (2011) Global Economic Leaders Summit (GELS)

2nd(2012) Global Economic Leaders Summit (GELS)

3rd(2013) Global Economic Leaders Summit (GELS)

4th(2015) Global Economic Leaders Summit (GELS)


The aims of GELS are:

l -- Promote the international cooperation in industry, trade, science and brand among regions and enterprises.

l -- Summarize the development ideas and rules of global industries.

l -- Explore the successful industrial development strategies of different countries, regions and enterprises.

l -- Issue reports of global industrial development and cooperation.

l -- Demonstrate the achievements of global industrial development and cooperation.

l -- Expand global industrial chains; explore new development trend of emerging industries; promote the development of strategic emerging industries and tap

         new  sources of economic growth.

l -- Promote the establishment of dominant and competitive industrial parks and clusters as well as R&D centers of emerging industries.

l -- Cultivate leading enterprises and economic leaders.


Participants of GELS summit are:

Heads of State from outside ChinaHigh-level executives from Fortune 500 companies and other quality listed companies.

Industrial leaders from the following industries:

l   Emerging industries, such as new energy, energy saving, electric cars, new materials, new medicine, information and high-end manufacturing, etc.

l   Aerospace industry

l   Banking and financial service

l   Real estate

l   Agriculture and food

l   Cultural and creative industries

l   Mining industry

l   Modern manufacturing

l   Others

Members of Parliament, ministers, governors, mayors and related government officials

Renowned economists, experts and scholars

Investors and bankers

Chiefs from famous international organizations and industry associations


In the summit, traditional industries are interactive with emerging industries.Participants from industialized economies exchange with emerging economies to summarize favourable economic developing models,explore new economic growth power and offer a main industrial cooperation channel for different countries and regions.


In the past 15 years, the international host APCEO has successfully held many significant international summits like “International Cooperation Summit for CEOs, Governors, Mayors & Political Figures, worldwide (ICS)”, “World Emerging Industries Summit (WEIS)” ,“Global Outsourcing Summit (GOS)”and "International Culture Industry Summit (ICIS)". The GELS will be APCEO’s new contribution to the economic development of the world.


The host in China of 2011,2012,2013,2015 GELS is the People’s Government of Jilin Province, PRC. GELS will be held simultaneously with the “China-Jilin•Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo” which is jointly hosted by National Development and Reform Commission of China, Ministry of Commerce of China and Jilin Provincial Government. 


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