Lee Der-Huey, Chief Education Officer & Liaison Officer of Yuqi Technology Co., Ltd. participants as an interlocutor (group three) at the dialogue during the 4th Global Economic Leaders Summit 2015

Lee Der-Huey, Chief Education Officer & Liaison Officer of Yuqi Technology Co., Ltd. participants

as an interlocutor at the dialogue (group three) during the 4th Global Economic Leaders Summit 2015


The 4th Global Economic Leaders Summit (GELS2015) & Forum of International Collaboration on Production Capacity, co-hosted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Development and Reform Commission, Jilin Provincial Government of China and Asia-Pacific CEO Association, was held in Changchun City, China, from August 30th to September 1st, 2015.

In the morning, Mr. Bayin Chaolu, Secretary of CPC Jilin Provincial Committee, and Mr. Ma Junqing, Executive Deputy Governor of Jilin Provincial Government met the leader of Asia-Pacific CEO Association and representatives of the summit on Aug. 31st.

The Opening Ceremony was moderated by Mr. Zhao Biao, Deputy Secretary-General of Jilin Provincial Government. Important speeches were made on the Opening Ceremony by Mr. Ma Junqing, Executive Deputy Governor of Jilin Provincial Government, Ms. Susanne Kurz, Former President of Federal Council of Austria, Mr. Zhang Jun, Director-General of Department of International Economic Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Mr. Liang Linchong, Deputy Director-General of Department of International Affairs of National Development and Reform Commission of China, and Mr. Zheng Xiongwei, Global Executive Chairman of APCEO. Besides, Mr. Eamon Gilmore, Former Vice Prime Minister of Ireland, along with some heads of state and relevant government officials attended the Opening Ceremony.

Mr. Eamon Gilmore, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland, moderated the Keynote Speech. Main speakers included Dr. Matt Wang, Vice President of IBM, Mr. Siu Ngan Tse, Vice President of Hewlett-Packard, Mr. Niyazi Faruk Arig, Greater China President of Henkel, Mr. Yan Xuan, Greater China CEO of Nielsen, Mr. Stephen Phillips, CEO of China-Britain Business Council and other high-level executives from Fortune 500 & Forbes 2000 companies.

GELS2015 had about 600 attendees from over 60 countries and regions, including heads of state and relevant government officials, high-level executives from Fortune 500 & Forbes 2000 companies, chiefs from famous international organizations and industry associations, renowned economists, experts and scholars.

The theme of GELS2015 was “Promoting Global Science and Technology Innovation & International Collaboration on Production Capacity for Economic Transition and Upgradation”. Two Dialogues were held during the Summit, namely, Panel Discussion on International Collaboration on Production Capacity and Dialogue on Emerging Industries & Technology Innovation.


Speech draft:


“sAid” Can Revolutionize the English Language Teaching and Learning across the Globe

(Summit Theme: Global Technological Innovation & Cooperation, World Economic Restructuring & Upgrading!)


By Dr. Lee Derhuey,Chief Education Officer, Beijing Jinyun Technology Co., Ltd. 

Respected Mr. Governor Jiang Chaoliang, Mr. Chairman Zheng Xiongwei, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!

First of all, I must thank our host Governor Jiang Chaoliang and Chairman Zheng Xiongwei for inviting me over to attend THE 4TH GLOBAL ECONOMIC LEADERS SUMMIT.

Education is talents creation’s cradle; the talents are key to a nation’s rise and fall; the nation that wishes for prosperity must provide good education. The communication among nations around the globe, official or nonofficial, mostly depends on the English language as the communicating tool; in the international contacts and communication process, an effective platform for technological innovation and cooperation to the full extent is bound to promote world economic restructuring and upgrading. “sAid”—the English Teaching Platform is one such effective platform!

Given the importance of the English education, nations across the globe all invest greatly in time, manpower, money and resources to undertake the research and reform of English teaching.

The most direct expression of the English language lies in English listening and speaking ability. In China, a nonnative-English-speaking language environment, to improve English listening and speaking ability is required to rely on more and more English teaching and learning environment. In the past, many teachers attempted serious efforts at lessons planning and teaching, but usually got half the result with twice the effort, academic performances of students therefore were not noteworthy.

How can anyone help teachers better teach English listening and speaking courses, meanwhile to also reduce the burden of the teachers’ lessons planning, and present good teaching performances, to finally further revolutionizing the English language teaching and learning across the globe?

Beijing Jinyun Technology Co., Ltd. joins hands with Peking University and Tsinghua University to first, in China, lead the reform of teaching English listening and speaking, where Mr. Yu Minhong, the president of China’s largest English language training company, New Oriental Education and Technology Group, not long ago actually attended “the Joint Press Conference of Beida—Jinyuan sAid Scientific Research Project” speaking so highly of “sAid.”

Please bear with me watching the following two related television news films in Chinese:

1. http://www.centv.cn/news/folder211/2015/06/2015-06-25113963.html

2. http://my.tv.sohu.com/us/262199561/80681398.shtml?qq-pf-to=pcqq.c2c

Combining the world’s latest cutting-edge technology, information and IT with education, researching and integrating multimedia engine, pronunciation engine, recognition engine, cloud technology, communication engine, and multiplayer online educational games engine, etc. we also develop “the Independent Learning Center Platform” and “the One-to-many Synchronous Platform of Teachings, Evaluations, and Lessons Planning,” which make full use of the existing professional language classrooms, and create for students a professional learning environment of pure English listening and speaking. Having achieved the two-way constant interactive communication, teachers—through the whole class’ synchronous training and unified evaluating, with the results being immediately sent back and sorted—can get a grip of each and every student’s learning situation, and take into account each and every single one of them to achieve “individualized” effect, only by then can Confucius’ “providing education for all people without discrimination” be sublimated into “teaching students to perfection without discrimination.”

In a nutshell, “sAid”—the English Teaching Platform holds the unique edge, where any user who adds whatever English contents needed, after saving the file, can be automatically taught listening, speaking, reading, writing, testing, and translating, with the choice of adjusting language speed, to realize human-machine interactive learning. sAid’s pronunciation is more accurate than 95% of Americans and Europeans.

Here and now, I, on the behalf of Beijing Jinyun Technology Co., Ltd., would like to make an announcement that, in order to set an example to others, we are more than willing to make a free offer of 960,000 RMB worth of 80 full-version sets of “sAid”—the English Teaching Platform to Jilin Province’s 80 elementary schools, or 80 junior high schools, or 80 senior high schools, but there has to be an enterprise relatively donating 800,000 RMB to support the 80 English teachers to come to China’s best university Tsinghua University (Peking University) to take 5-day “sAid” English training, this 800,000 RMB also includes supporting:

1. 80 teachers’ 5-day fees for bed, food accommodations and transportation in Beijing.

2. 5-day fees for English listening and speaking training by Foreign Languages Department’s full-time professor(s) in the morning.

3. 5-day fees for “sAid”—the English Teaching Platform’s applied training by Dr. Lee Derhuey in the afternoon (I shall make a donation of the entire fees in support of public welfare).

4. 5-day fees for training classroom(s) rent.

5. Fees for 80 notebook computers.

6. Fees for 80 “sAid”—the English Teaching Platforms and chips (including 2-year free warranty and upgrade).

Hopefully, under the aegis of APCEO and caring enterprises, we three parties can and will share with one another’s resources, on the basis of benefiting English teaching among Jilin Province’s elementary schools and high schools, so as for us all to play a certain role in the English language teaching and learning for mainland China and even for the whole world.

We, in the meanwhile, also hope to offer cooperation and service for those who are in the English education business across China, together dedicating our best efforts to the cause of uplifting English teaching and learning standard.

Last but not least, this method of exchange and cooperation cordially welcomes provincial/municipal governments and all kinds of enterprises registered in China to take part in, too. We Jinyun promise to send 80 local teachers to Tsinghua University (Peking University) to study or hire professors from Tsinghua University (Peking University) to go there conducting “sAid” English training.

Thank you all, ladies and gentlemen!

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