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William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton (The former President of the United States)
Chen Weigen addressed the opening ceremony of the 3rd Global Economic Leaders Summit (GELS 2013)
Chen Weigen addressed the opening ceremony of the 3rd Global Economic Leaders Summit (GELS 2013)

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First, the basic situation of Jilin Province
Jilin is in the center of Northeast China, it neighbors Liaoning Province, Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang Province
Its position in China is mainly represented by three “2%”.
It has an area of 187,400 square kilometers, accounting for 1.95% of China.
At the end of 2012, the total population is 27,504,000,accounting for 2.03% of China
The GDP in 2012 achieved 1193.782 billion Yuan, accounting for 2.3% of China
First, an important industrial base of  China with advanced equipment manufacturing industry, enjoying prominent industrial advantages
The automotive industry is the most important pillar industry of Jilin Province
2.657 million vehicles of all sizes and various kinds were made and 2.646 million units were sold in 2012,accounting for 13.75% of the total volume of production and sales in the country.
Second, Jilin Province, one of the China's major commodity grain production bases, has prominent advantages as a big agricultural province.
There are vast grasslands in western Jilin Province which makes Jilin 1 of the 8 animal husbandry places in China
400,000 Cubic Meters of mineral water are allowed to be explored, occupying 18% of China’s total, ranking the 1st in China
Third, Jilin Province is rich in natural resources and has comparative advantages in the development and utilization of it.
Fourth, Jilin Province has excellent ecological environment, which provides the province a favorable condition for developing tourism
Forest coverage rate of the province is 43.5%, in the eastern part, the number is 80%
Fifth, Jilin Province is the geographic center of northeast Asia, enjoying a remarkable advantage for its geographic position and opening-up platform to the world.
It borders Russia and DPRK,Hunchun which is at the most east part of Jilin lies only 15 km from Sea of Japan
Sixth, Jilin Province has a good investment environment, and a comparative advantage of undertaking industrial transfer and investment cooperation
• Strategy : Urbanization
• Purpose: promote economic and social development
• Feature: with Jilin characteristics
• Highlights
• scientific development layout
• green development
• the people–oriented principle
• Achievements
• By 2012, the urbanization rate has reached 53.68%. (higher than the national average level of 1.11%)
• By 2012, Per capita public green area has achieved​

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