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Liuhe County Jinson Carbon Fiber Composite Product Co., Ltd. Spinnable 65-80 Special Carbon Fiber New Material and its Product Project


I. Project Background

The development of spinnable 65-80 special carbon fiber new material and its product, is consistent with national policy requirements for encouraging the development of new material. It makes full use of technological advantage of enterprise and provides the society with a valuable special carbon fiber new material. The advent of this product filled the international void and is another new technological revolution of flame retardant products. It will be a logo product which is widely used in the world's current civilian and military areas replacing "fire retardant textiles" and greatly increase the fire safety protection factor.

Liuhe County Jinson Carbon Fiber Composite Product Co., Ltd. is a business mainly producing carbon fiber materials. Spinnable 65-80 special carbon fiber new material and its product is a new product produced by company’s independent research and development with polyacrylonitrile (PAN) as the raw material. It has filled in the domestic blank and its technology is in the leading position at home. In the condition of LOI ≥ 80%, rate of finished textile products is more than 90%. The product has the properties of incombustibility, infusibility, no drip, no shrinkage and other properties in flames of 2500 . "Type test" was made on the textile cloth of fibrous material of this project by Tianjin "national fire extinguishing systems and fire-resistant components Supervision and Inspection Center". The inspection test results are Oxygen Index -73%; damage length-0mm; flaming time-0s; smoldering time-0s. It is needed extensively in the aerospace, national defense, fire fighting, high temperature service and civilian area. The raw material polyacrylonitrile (PAN) is supplied entirely by domestic manufacturers.

The technology and supporting equipment of spinnable carbon fiber (also known as non-combustible fibers) production are designed and manufactured by company’s independent research and development. Product testing has been completed. The research results have been listed by Science and Technology Commission of Jilin Province on September 13, 1999 as "Spark Program project in Jilin Province" (File No. 【吉科星字(1999) 113). It is submitted to the State Intellectual Property Office the patent application in December 2007. A "notice of patent application processing” was received on March 18, 2008; Preliminary examination was qualified by State Intellectual Property Office on May 9, 2008. Patent Application No. is 2008100842786.

.Construction Scale and Production Plan

Annual output of 1050 tons spinnable 65-80 special carbon fiber new material and its product. Product plan: 80-6K carbon cloth, 80-12K carbon felt, 65 type fire refuges Tarpaulins, military tents, fire proximity suit, non-woven fabrics to avoid the fire. The total construction area is 26315 square meters. The main construction content: 20 new 65-80 type material fiber, rodmachine, non-woven, carbon cloth, nano-coating production line will be constructed. Carbon fiber workshop, rodmachine workshop, non-woven fabrics workshop, finishing dyeing workshops, products, dyeing workshop, products workshop and matching construction will be constructed. 3361 sets of production equipment will be purchased.

III. Market Analysis and Economic Benefit Forecast

Annual sales income : 410.47 million Yuan, profit: 63.46 million Yuan, taxes: 52.69 million Yuan, New jobs:500 people. Non-combustible fireproof new materials are provide for high temperature, fire fighting and other special industries

.Total Project Investment and Financing Arrangement

The total project investment: 145.489 million Yuan, sources of capital: applying for bank loans-97 million Yuan, raising funds by themselves-48.489 million Yuan.

. Cooperation Ways

Joint venture

VI. Foreign Investment and Constitution:


. Project Construction Venue

 Liuhe Town Industrial Park, Liuhe County, Tonghua City

. Project Progress:

The project record, planning, land, environmental impact assessment approval process has been completed. Research has been done. Land acquisition has been completed and preliminary preparations have been made. The construction completed 2980 square meters workshop. 50% of environmental protection facilities construction have been completed.

IX. Outline of Project Organizer

1. Enterprise Name: Liuhe County Jinson Carbon Fiber Composite Product Co., Ltd.

Legal Address: Liuhe Town Industrial Park, Liuhe County

Legal Representative: Jin Yongde

2.Enterprise Profile: Liuhe County Jinson Carbon Fiber Composite Product Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise, established in 1997; registered capital: 5 million Yuan, total assets: 96 million Yuan, assets liabilities ratio: 36%, area of factory site: 21,000 square meters, construction area: 3000 square meters, existing staff and employee: 150, including 15 senior and intermediate-level engineers and technicians, main equipment: 302 sets, the annual production capacity: 500 tons of Jinson carbon fiber composite product, bank credit rating: AA grade, output value in 2008: 30 million Yuan, sales income: 27.8 million Yuan, taxes paid: 3.7 million Yuan, profit: 6.28 million Yuan.

.Contact Methods

Contact Person: Jin Zheshi

Tel: 0086-435-7223367

Fax: 0086-435-7226685

Mobile Phone: 13364561311

E-mail: lhjinsen@163.com

Postal Code: 135300

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