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10,000 Acres of Greenhouse and Plastic House Green Vegetables Production Bases Project


I. Project Background

This project aims at large and medium size domestic cities and the needs of Russia, DPRK, South Korea, Japan to construct vegetable production base and consumption market. Relying on transportation advantages, the project will put emphasis on leaf vegetables, take into account fruit vegetables, actively cultivate famous brand name vegetables with local characteristics, focus on the development of green, organic, non-pollution vegetables, and work hard to build greenhouse vegetable industry into a high-efficiency agricultural industry and a green agriculture demonstration industry.

II. Construction Scale and Production Plan

Completion the vegetable production bases of supplying 100 million tons vegetables annually. The project will construct 10,000 acres of greenhouse and plastic house green vegetable production bases which include 500 greenhouses, 1,000 plastic houses, a processing plant with building area of 1500 m2, a constant freshness storehouse with building area of 10,000 m2 and a frozen freshness storehouse with building area of 2,000 m2.

III. Market Analysis and Economic Benefit Forecast

Annual output value: 150 million Yuan; total profits: 45 million Yuan.

IV. Total Project Investment and Financing Arrangement

The total project investment is 131.67 million Yuan. The project needs 85 million Yuan foreign investment.

V. Cooperation Ways

Joint venture and cooperation

VI. Foreign Investment and Constitution

The project needs 85 million Yuan foreign investment.

VII. Project Construction Venue

Bajiazi Township, Longcheng Township and Toudao Township of Helong City

VIII. Project Progress

30 million Yuan investment has been completed.

IX. Outline of Project Organizer

Name of Project Organizer: Vegetable Office of Helong City

Ownership System: Ownership Unit

Legal Address: No. 96 Yuwen Street, Helong City 

Legal Representative: Chai Shoujun

X. Contact Methods

Contact Person: Zhang Yang

Mailing Address: Project Office of Agriculture Bureau of Helong City

Postal Code: 133500

Tel: 0086-433-4262665    

Fax: 0086-433-4262673    

Email: hlnyj@163.com

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