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Annual 100,000 tons of Cornstalk Complete Feed Project


I. Project Background

Helong City has over 50,000 cows, horses, donkeys and deer, etc And only a small part of them are breeding in captivity and most of them are stocking. Therefore, it takes a long time for the big livestocks to get mature and the quality is not satisfied. Helong City has 100 thousands hectares of corn plantation and a large portion of cornstalk is burned for cooking or buried in the field. The purpose of the project is to reduce the waste of resources and raise the quality of big livestock breeding. The project can not only solve the problem of cornstalk transmission but also promote the adjustment of agricultural industrialization, increase farmers' income, improve economic benefits, promote agricultural production recycling, reduce the pollution of fertilizer and stalk burning.

II. Construction Scale and Production Plan

The project covers an area of 30,000 m2. The building area is 12,000 m2, which include a main workshop, a storage house and an office building, etc. The project will purchase 20 sents of production equipments, one set of power supply equipment, one set of water supply and drainage equipment and one set of heating supply equipment. After construction completed, the project will have the treatment capacity of 100,000 tons cornstalk and produce 50,000 tons complete feed and 50,000 tons raw materials for industry use.

III. Market Analysis and Economic Benefit Forecast

Annual sales revenue: 80 million Yuan; total taxes: 5 million Yuan; total profits: 30 million Yuan.

IV. Total Project Investment and Financing Arrangement

The project total investment is 30 million Yuan.

V. Cooperation Ways

Joint venture and cooperation

VI. Foreign Investment and Constitution

    The project total investment is 30 million Yuan.

VII. Project Construction Venue

Industry Park of Longjing City

VIII. Project Progress

Currently doing pre-project.

IX. Outline of Project Organizer

Name of Project Organizer: Administration Office of Industry Park of Helongjing City

Legal Address: Helong City, Jilin Province

Legal Representative: Hu Yaojun

X. Contact Methods

Contact Person: Liu Yongheng

Tel: 0086-433-4226767 

Fax: 0086-433-4239995    

Email: hlzsjlyh@163.com

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