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Rural Farm Tourism Park Project


I. Project Background

At present, cities and towns are the main body of China's tourism market. And the rural area has great potential. Tourism in rural areas will play an active role in increasing farmers' income, adjusting industrial structure, regularizing countryside culture, and promoting farmersí» civilization and sustainable development. The vast rural areas should make full use of the advantage of rich tourism resources, strengthen the support from government at all levels, enhance scientific planning and rational development, further understand the cultural connotation, and create famous brand names with unique characteristics. At the same time, speed up the training of tourism talents, promote the tourism development and fasten the steps of new countryside construction in rural areas. Rural farm tourism park project is one of the key projects supported by central government and complies with the relevant state industrial policies.

II. Construction Scale and Production Plan

The project will be constructed in two phases. The purpose of the first phase is to construct a 100,000 m2 rural style pasture and form up a tourism park. And the purpose of the second phase is to purchase agricultural tourism facilities, publicize and promote the project, improve management mode and form up a holiday resort for recreation and amusement.

III. Market Analysis and Economic Benefit Forecast

When the first phase construction completed, the project will attract around 5,000 tourists and realize profits of 3,000,000 Yuan. When the second phase construction completed, the project will realize a revenue of 4,000,000 Yuan annually. Investment recovery period is 2.5 years.

IV. Total Project Investment and Financing Arrangement

The total project investment is 10 million Yuan, which includes 5 million Yuan for the first phase and 5 million Yuan for the second phase. The project needs 5 million Yuan foreign investment.

V. Cooperation Ways

Joint venture and cooperation

VI. Foreign Investment and Constitution

The project needs 5 million Yuan foreign investment.

VII. Project Construction Venue

Toudao Township, Helong City

VIII. Project Progress

Currently doing pre-project

IX. Outline of Project Organizer

Name of Project Organizer: Toudao Township of Helong City

Legal Address: No. 1555 Longjing Street, Longjing City 

Legal Representative: Jin Zhe

X. Contact Methods

Contact Person: Jing Longhei

Postal Code: 133503

Tel: 0086-433-4833959       Fax: 0086-433-4831831    

Mobile: 0086-15981318686    

Email: tdzdw@163.com

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