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Huinan County Shidaohe Town Changbai Mountain Apis Cerana Fabricius Protection Development Project


. Project Background

Shidaohe Town is situated in Laoling Xilu of Changbai Mountains, the southeast mountain area in Jilin Province. It lies in the northeast part of Huinan County which is 48 kilometers to the county town, and covers an area of 338 square kilometers. The southeast part of Shidaohe Town borders on Jingyu County, while the northeast part is separated from Huadian City only by a mountain. The north side links with Panshi City which is the connecting area of the four counties and cities. The whole town owns 36 villages, with a population of 20,164, 3,684 families, 88,335 mu cultivated land, and 392,874 forest area. It is commonly known as 80% mountains 5% water and 15% land. The town enjoys favorable advantages in natural wild resources. The plants have over 5,000 different kinds, among these, the mixed broad leaf-conifer forest takes up more than 90%. All makes the town a good place to develop apis cerana fabricius raising.

At present, the number of farmer families of raising apis cerana fabricius in our town and the surrounding counties or cities has reached 79 famlies, over 330 groups. Some raisers have had more than 30 years experience in raising apis cerana fabricius, and most of the bees they owned are natural wild colony of bees and young bees. Moreover, the speed of breeding in recent years has also developed very rapidly. Protection and development in this field is very promising. Besides, our town has reached an agreement with Apiculture Science Institute of Jilin Province. With the authorization of Provincial Livestock Management Administration, Shidaohe Town is centered to build Changbai Mountain Apis Cerana Fabricius Shidaohe Protection Zone. It will carry out the protection plan for Changbai Mountain apis cerana fabricius raising, regain and protect the resources of Changbai Mountain apis cerana fabricius.

. Construction Scale and Production Plan

 Construction Scale: Plan to develop annually 50 farmer families, 800 colonies of bees.

1.      Expand the breeding site of colonies of bees.

2.      Process bee raising equipments

3.      Construct warehouses, offices and processing workshops

Production Plan: Making full use of rich resource advantage and long history of raising apis cerana fabricius, the town develops and utilizes the resources in a protective way, integrates in a better way so as to form local characteristic industry, apis cerana fabricius competitive brand, flagship product. The present scale of Changbai Mountain apis cerana fabricius in the whole town is 79 families, over 330 groups. The construction scale of the project is centered on Shidaohe Town, radiating the surrounding countries and cities. The area reached 900 square hectares. The number of the colonies of bees can reach over 500 swarms in the first year and 10,000 swarms within 5 years. This could lead the deep development of apis cerana fabricius protection and development industry of the whole town and the surrounding counties and cities. And it gives an impetus to the optimization of the industry structure guided by the market. It can form a benign industry revolving chain based on raising enhancing protection, raising taking process and peak selling promoting production. This chain could improve peoples awareness of protecting the endangered species resources and protective development, realize the win-win situation of ecological benefits, economic and social benefits, bring the harmonious unity of the human beings, resource and society and establish a harmonious eco-economy.

. Market Analysis and Economic Benefit Forecast

1. Economic Benefits

Due to the long production cycle of Changbai Mountain apis cerana fabricius, the output profit is calculated in 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 4 years. To calculate at one swarm, each swarm of bees can be divided into 3 swarms, each swarm worth 200-600 yuan, the profit of the year is 600-1,800 yuan; the division of the swarm of bees in the second year can earn 1800-5400 yuan, the honey uncapped from one swarm will be 20-50 jin at a price of 50-80 yuan, the profit will be 1,000-4,000 yuan; the third year will not uncap the honey but the fourth year, profit for dividing the swarm of bees is 5,400-16,200 yuan, honey 40-80 jin with the profit of 800-6,400 yuan. The output income of each swarm of bees in four years is about 22,100 yuan. The expense of each swarm of bees from raising to management and attending is 200-800 yuan. Raising the apis cerana fabricius can get bees, materials and select sites from local resources. Since the reproduction is rapid, expansion of the number of population is fast, the profit is more obvious and it will not delay the agricultural production and farming season.

2. Social Benefits

To construct Huinan County Shidaohe Town Changbai Mountain Apis Cerana Fabricius Protection and Development Base can not only protect the endangered species, fully preserve the limited wild resources of Changbai Mountains, maintain the stability of the eco-system, but also open a way to scientifically develop and utilize the wild resources and develop the raising of Changbai Mountain apis cerana fabricius. It promotes the research of the changes and reproduction of Changbai Mountain apis cerana fabricius and has a positive influence on the agricultural industry restructuring of Huinan County and the surrounding cities and counties and the increase of the farmers income. To construct this base meets the needs of the unity of economic, social and ecological benefits and the pursuit of the maximization of the three benefits. It satisfies the requirement of the development of green and organic food industry, protects the raising resources and ecology in all dimensions and meets the demands of the health products market. The future for the project is promising.

.Total Project Investment and Financing Arrangement

The total investment is 8 million yuan which includes colonies of bees, labor cost, management cost and facility cost, etc.

Financing Arrangement: self-financing 2 million yuan and investment from the investor 6 million yuan.

. Cooperation Ways

Joint venture and cooperation

. Foreign Investment and Constitution


. Project Construction Venue

Dabeicha Village, Shidaohe Town, Huinan County, Jilin Province

. Project Progress

The project is looking for partners for cooperation.

. Outline of Project Organizer

Changbai Mountain apis cerana fabricius cooperatives was established in 2008. Now the cooperatives owns 600 colonies of bees with the annual finished products 100 tons. The present fixed asset is 2 million yuan.

Construction unit: Huinan Changbai Mountain Apis Cerana Fabricius Cooperatives

Legal Representative: Liu Ruifu

. Contact Method

Tel: 0086-435-8772157

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