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China Singapore Jilin Food Zone Project


I. Project Background

In Mar.2008, SFI and Jilin Municipal Government reached an agreement on cooperative construction of Food Safe Zone against notifiable epidemic diseases. In Mar.2009, the cooperative parties signed in Hong Kong the cooperation framework agreement on construction of China Singapore Jilin Food Zone.  The cooperative parties, meanwhile, jointly mandate Rabobank, an international authority in assessment program, to appraise the project in full scale. In July 2009, while Premier Wen Jiabao paid an inspection in Jilin Province, he gave instructions to the project.  1. Jilin province supported by related state ministries should develop the project relying on the exceptional advantage of agriculture.  2. Jilin province should lose no time to communicate with respect party of Singapore for the joint cooperation. In AUG 2009 on the 6th meeting of China Singapore Economic and Trade Committee, Chinas Vice Premier Wang Qishan extended in principle the support for the cooperation. In JAN 2010, the Ministry of National Development of Singapore clarified Singbridge International and SFI together to take the lead for construction of China*Singapore Jilin Food Zone..

II. Construction Scale and Production Plan

Objectives: International safe and healthy food production demonstration zone, International modern agriculture demonstration zone, urbanization demonstration zone for small town. Content: core area, control zone, radiating area. Core area locates in Yongji Chaluhe featured agri-economic development zone, the only provincial-level agricultural development zone in Jilin.  Chaluhe featured agri-economic development zone as center, planned cultivation and control zone against notificable epidemic diseases covers area of 1450 square kms.  Natural barriers such as rivers, mountains, marshland and wetland seal the area for production.  It is designed for modern agriculture experiment, demonstration and high quality ingredients production base. Besides control zone, the radiation zone covering Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang and part of inner Mongolia contains an area of 1970 thousands square kms and satisfies for future development.

III. Market Analysis and Economic Benefit Forecast

Economic benefit - International competitive power

Joint effort between China and Singapore in constructing the Food Zone aims to build a demonstrative model for modern eco-agricultural development, and highlights the determination of China on the title of ensuring agricultural production and food security.

Promoting regional economic development -

To build an agri-system with unique features and advantages is to integrate regional resources condition, economic structure and industrial characteristics with innovation for future development.

The concept of the Food Zone is an exploratory and innovative process for agricultural development, which has the important meaning for demonstration nationwide.

Therefore, the construction of the Food Zone set up a platform for exchanging ideas and innovation for balanced development between economic growth and ecological agriculture.

Employment opportunities -

According to industrial development plan, the city residence in the core area will reach approximate 250-300 thousand. 

Social benefit C increase in residents income; increase 160,000 job opportunities; increase in peoples living standards.

IV. Total Project Investment and Financing Arrangement

Total investment 690,410,000 RMB, 491,050,000 RMB for construction investment, working fund 182,880,000 RMB, interests incurred during construction 16,470,000 RMB.

V. Cooperation Method

Project investors C joint venture company

VI. Construction Venue

Yongji County of Jilin City

VII. Project Progress

Completed feasibility study report

Completed project plan outline

Preparing the construction of epidemic prevention system of the Food Zone by Agriculture & Food Bureau of Singapore

Planning General outline of projects by Singbridge International

Swine industrialization project ready to launch

Planning investment and business attraction

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