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Korean Medicine R & D Base Project


I. Project Background

Korean medicine is based on the traditional Chinese medicine, absorbed the essence of Han nationality medicine and created the sixiang medical theory structured as sixiang of four-dimensions. The unique geographical conditions make Longjing City an ideal place for medicine planting. Longjing City has more than 700 hectares of Korean medicine crops such as ginseng, while paeonia root, schisandra, straight ladybell, balloonflower, dioscorea nipponica, etc. And the rich culture of Korean nationality laid a solid foundation for the development of Korean medicine industry. Therefore, Longjing City will make full use of the advantages of raw material resources in northeast China and sufficient information and technologies in northeast Asia and propose to build up a Korean medicine industry park for large scale planting and breeding, deep processing, R & D of high science and technology, and vigorously develop the pharmaceutical industry.

II. Construction Scale and Production Plan

The construction scale is 3 billion tablets capacity of Korean medicine annually. The building area is 50,000 m2, including a standardized production and processing plant which meets GMP standard, a traditional Chinese medicine extraction workshop, a storage house, an office building, a R & D center and a 10 million m2 planting base for green and organic Korean medicine.

III. Market Analysis and Economic Benefit Forecast

Annual sales revenue: 300 million Yuan; total taxes: 70 million Yuan; total profits:124 million Yuan. The project will offer 300 employment opportunities and will promote the development of pharmaceutical industry in Longjing as well as Yanbian.

IV. Total Project Investment and Financing Arrangement

The project total investment is 100 million Yuan, which will be completely attracted outside the city..

V. Cooperation Ways

Joint venture and cooperation

VI. Foreign Investment and Constitution

VII. Project Construction Venue

Longjing Industry Park and various townships of Longjing City

VIII. Project Progress

Project planning and feasibility study compiling is underway.

IX. Outline of Project Organizer

Name of Project Organizer: Economic Bureau of Longjing City

Ownership System: State-owned

Legal Address: No. 869 Liudaohe Road, Longjing City

X. Contact Methods

Contact Person: Niu Xuliang

Tel: 0086-13009093098 

Fax: 0086-433-3223870    

Email: ljsjjjbgs@126.com

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