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Tumen City Fangzheng Chemical Agents Factory Annual 70,000 tons Sand-fixation Materials Project


I. Project Background

With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, people's expectation to a favorable ecological environment is increasing. At the same time, desertification is getting more and more serious. People are very anxious to desertification control and management, which meets people's need to live a happy and healthy life and achieve the rapid development of economy. The sand-fixation materials produced from straw pulping effluent by Tumen City Fangzheng Chemical Agents Factory has the advantages of sand-fixing and biodegradation and low cost. And it can work effectively with vegetation fixing to completely prevent and treat desertification.

II. Construction Scale and Production Plan

The project covers an area of 9,996 m2. The building area of the project is 10,380 m2. The output of the project is 70,000 tons sand-fixation materials produced from paper-making effluent annually.

III. Market Analysis and Economic Benefit Forecast

Annual sales revenue: 210 million Yuan; total taxes: 9.9152 million Yuan; total profits: 39.661 million Yuan.

The project will greatly improve ecological environment, offer 180 new employment opportunities and increase the added value of straw pulping effluent. It will reduce the pollution caused by straw pulping effluent and offer lignin type sand-fixation materials. The desert will become oasis. And thats the obvious social benefit of this project.

IV. Total Project Investment and Financing Arrangement

The total project investment is 55.4148 million Yuan, which include 18 million Yuan loan from the bank and 37.4148 million Yuan self-financing.

V. Cooperation Ways

Joint venture, cooperation or others

VI. Foreign Investment and Constitution

Foreign investment in capital or equipments

VII. Project Construction Venue

Dongxing Village, Shixian Township, Tumen City of Jilin Province

VIII. Project Progress

Completion of the feasibility study report (Grade-A)

IX. Outline of Project Organizer

Tumen City Fangzheng Chemical Agents Factory is a science and technology based enterprise in Jilin Province. The main product is lignin-series product. And all products has passed ISO9000 quality system certification. The factory has an independent research institute and 8 technicians, among whom 6 technicians are professor-level personnel and 2 technicians are engineers. The products include drilling fluid anti-caving agent FH-610, FCLS, lignin potassium, sodium lignosulphonate S50, and surface active agent T.K.S, etc.

X. Contact Methods

Legal Representative: Li Zhenghua

Tel: 0086-433-3818568   0086-13804335188

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