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10 Megawatts Installed Capacity Solar Power Plant Project


I. Project Background

At present, China offer subsidies to the construction of solar power plant from aspects of investment and internet tariff. First, the investor can apply to the policy of í░gold suní▒, benefiting from the investment subsidy of 50% to 70% of the total investment in photovoltaic power generation system and power transmission and distribution projects.  Second, it can enjoy the preferential tariff through bidding for internet tariff, which is favorable for solar power plant construction. The annual sunshine hours of Taobei District of Baicheng City are 2914.4 and the light and heat resources per capita is the most in Jilin Province. In addition, the land of this district is flat and the geographical slope is about 3íŰ.Therefore, it is an ideal choice for solar power generation. There is about 60,000 hectares of unused land (including weeds land, saline-alkali land, sand traps and bare land) in Taobei District. According to the related estimation, this region can be planed as a solar photovoltaic power plant of 1,000 MW initially. Since the 500KV power transmission network of Baichen city passes here, which facilities the grid-connected application. The best site of the project is near the urban areas, roads and railways. By the above mentioned, this project has good policy, resources and construction environment.

II. Construction Scale and Production Plan

Referring to the scale of national modeling project of solar power generationí¬the solar power generation project of Dunhuang in Gansu Province, the installed capacity is planned to be 10 megawatts with annual average generating capacity at 16.36 million kilowatt-hours, covering an area of 500,000 m2.

III. Market Analysis and Economic Benefit Forecast

1. Economic Benefit: According to the successful price of 3.7 Yuan/Kw-hr and the reduced generation cost of 1.1 Yuan/Kw-hr, the annual revenue 60.53 million Yuan, after-tax Profit, 36.16 million Yuan, investment profit rate, 12% and investment recovery duration, 8.3 years (recorded by the same annual net profit after putting into production)

   2. Social Benefit: First, the photovoltaic power generation system has the advantages of safety, reliability, no noise, no pollution and no fuel consumption. It can generate 16.36 million KWH, saving 6610 tons of standard coal per year. Second, this project is implemented in the wind power field, which can intensify land use and take full advantage of the existing transmission and transformation equipments, in order to realize the complementary operation of wind and light and make the best use of things. Third, the new strategic industrial project with huge investment will take the lead in machinery processing, electronics, chemical industries and other related sectors.

IV. Total Project Investment and Capital Constitution

Total investment: 300 million Yuan, 10% of the funds are raised by the enterprise relying on the land and other fixed assets, 20%, by introducing investment and the other, by applying a loan.

V. Cooperation Ways

Sole proprietorship, joint Venture, cooperation o land equity shares

VI. Foreign Investment and Constitution

Cash or equipments

VII. Project Construction Venue

Qingshan Wind Power Plant of Baicheng affiliated corporation of Huaneng International Power Development Corporation

VIII. Project Progress

The project proposal has been completed.

IX. Outline of Project Organizer

Huaneng International Power Development Corporation is a Sino-foreign joint venture, founded in 1985. Our corporation is co-sponsored by Huaneng and many government investment companies of the seat of the corporation. Qingfeng Mountain wind power project is invested for construction by Baicheng affiliated corporation of Huaneng International Power Development Corporation, covering an area of 1 million m2 with construction scale of 20,000 kilowatts and total investment of 2000 million Yuan. The plant has already generated 100,000 kilowatts by wind power interconnection with complete power transmission equipments nearby. The geographical slope is 3íŰ, the land is flat with seismic intensity of 7 and the engineering geology, water quality condition and foundation bearing are good, which has the conditions to develop wind and light complementary power generation. Solar photovoltaic power generation equipments and facilities of 10 megawatts can be established in the field of 500,000 m2 of the area to construct wind and light complementary power generation pilot.

X. Contact Methods:

Unit Name: Bureau of Economic and Technical Corporation of Taobei District

    Contact Person: Sun Shuhai

    Tel: 0086-436 - 3248032

    Fax: 0086-436 - 3248903


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