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Transformation of Hogwash Oil to Fuel and its Authentication Project


I. Project Background

Hogwash oil is the matter floating on the surface of wastewater in the city which usually contains animal fat and the refined oil from leftovers in food industry. According to experts opinions, 130 kg of hogwash oil will refined from the food consumed by 10,000 people each day. 3 million tons of hogwash oil flows back to the dining table each year in China, almost everyone have eaten hogwash oil. It is only a matter of amount. The illegal income from hogwash reaches 1.5-2 billion Yuan each year. The hogwash oil contains many harmful ingredients and will cause diseases in case of long term consumption. Relevant state departments have already paid attention to this. March of this year, the National Food and Drug Administration issued the Urgent Notice on Avoiding Hogwash Oil Flowing Back to Dining Table. However, because the hogwash oil contains energy, some densely populated cities, such as Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan and Guangzhou produce daily chemical products from hogwash oil. Our company has solved the relevant technological difficulties. Our techniques, equipments and measurements lead the nation.

II. Construction Scale and Production Plan

Finish construction of the plant before 2013. Its annual capacity is 60000 tons.

Total construction area: 50,000 m2; workshop: 5,000 m2; research building: 1,000 m2; office building: 3,000 m2; warehouse: 20,000 m2.

Purchase a certain number of small, middle and big vans

III. Market Analysis and Economic Benefit Forecast

This project possesses great economic, biological and social benefits. The total income will reach 360 million Yuan. Each hogwash oil test dose worth 2.4 million Yuan. The project will drive the development of tertiary industry and provide many jobs.

IV. Total Project Investment and Financing Arrangement

Total investment is 50 million Yuan among which 5 million Yuan is research fund, 30 million Yuan is equipment fund, 10 million Yuan is material cost and 5 million Yuan is other kind of costs. Our company can get 10 million Yuan and the rest needs to be gathered by partners.

Cooperative Ways

Joint venture and cooperation

VI. Foreign Investment and Constitution

Capital injection

VII. Project Construction Venue

North part of Changchun High and New Technology Development Zone

VIII. Project Progress

    1. Test for transforming hogwash oil to derv is finished. Trial driving is done too.

    2. Equipments in the middle test room are being installed.

    3. Measurements on hogwash are identified.

4. Negotiations with relevant departments are ongoing.

IX. Outline of Project Organizer

Jilin Dasheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd was founded on March 26th of 2009. Its registered capital is 2 million Yuan. The company integrated the experiences of producing straw derv from Biomass Energy, LLC. And other biomass derv companies in U, acquired and improved their biomass derv production technology f and then formed the independent patent and industry based on the specific conditions in China.

X. Contact Methods

Mailing Address: Room 102 A of Tower B of Chuangye Building, Changchun High and New Technological Development Zone

Cell phone: 0086-13844036835


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